CATS: Meowster terningsett i Glitrende Marineblå og gull

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Kos med katten for flere crits!

CATS: Purrito terningsett er en fantastisk samling terninger, og ikke bare fordi den er dedikert til våre pelskledde herske… ehm… venner!

Først og fremst er hver terning i settet unik – på hver ternings høyeste side kan man se en katt som gjør som den vil. På noen av de andre sidene kan vi se favorittingene deres; en matskål eller et garnnøste. I tillegg, hvis du ser nøye etter, kan du se små spor av kattepoter — fordi hvem kan vel nekte dem å spankulere over de nymalte flatene?

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CATS Modern Dice Set: Meowster

Here’s the CATS Modern Dice Set: Meowster. Dark blue as the late evening sky, sparkling with tiny embers from the campfire; an effect provided by the material being mixed with glitter dust. The engravings are painted matte gold, making them classy and showing playful cats in their everyday activities. Beautiful, legible, fabulous. Just as you like it, just as you want it, just as you need it!

Mewoster is a stereotypical tomcat from proverbs and stories. Jinxing and prideful through and through. Everything in its path is at risk of falling down and breaking, which obviously calls for bad luck! Mainly it affects the dice rolls but in a spectacular fashion. Meowster guarantees that your critical failures will make you and others twist with laughter! Knowing that this is the true power of this tomcat, we have already learned from our mistakes. Now we know how to prepare our character’s actions, so they can live and win. And now it’s your turn!

Anti-lucky charm

The CATS Dice Set is remarkable not only because we dedicated it to our furry rulers… err, comrades. First of all, each dice is different – on the highest faces, cats are indulging themselves as they please. Additionally, some faces show one of their favorite things: a bowl of food or a ball of yarn! When you look closely, you will also see traces of a cat’s feet — because who will forbid them to walk on something freshly painted?

The more, the merrier — The set includes 7 items: a D6, a D8, a D10, a D12, a D20, a D100, and a Modern D4.

A Jinxer — The background of the dice is shimmering blue, with matte-gold paintings.

Cat Business — The highest faces show the silhouettes of cats in various poses, different for each dice.

Favorite toys — Apart from clear digits, there is a ball of yarn and a bowl of food on the dice faces.

The furry license — the CATS Modern Dice Set was created under the license granted to us with the imprint of an ink-soaked cat’s paw on a relevant legal document.


How to beat the bad luck?

This design shows ball yarns, milk bowls, paw prints, and cat ears on feline-vibed digits, plus silhouettes of playful cats on highest faces! It is especially visible on the Modern D4. The shimmering blue material resembles an evening sky, while the golden engravings are like embers from the campfire. These dice will help you to break away from destiny!


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