Adventskalender 2023

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Nissen vet om du har vært snill eller slem, men denne lille rakkeren sprer glede til alle og enhver!

Q Workshop har laget en fantastisk adventskalender, med 24 luker og skjulte skatter. I boksen finner du 8 terninger i årets julesett, en god blanding av eksisterende terninger fra QW-sortimentet og årets nyheter, samt en metallisk overraskelse med god tyngde innenfor utfallsvelgerfaget.

Tell ned dagene, og rull julen inn!

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Celebrate each day with the Advent Dice Calendar 2023 this holiday season! This colorful cardboard box is filled with wonder, joy, and unforgettable memories: each of the 24 window slots brings a treasure! A special metal coin, an 8-piece Christmas Dice Set in a new color theme of shimmering-blue and silver, and 15 random dice picked from our offer! Count down the days until Christmas with us!

Advent Dice Calendar 2023

Remember the sheer delight of counting down the days until Christmas?

Let’s repeat that magnificent feeling with the new edition of our Advent Dice Calendar! Prepare to be dazzled again because the 2023 edition is here and even more extraordinary!

Like last year, we empower each day in December with a new surprise, a touch of wonder, and a burst of festive spirit. Inside the calendar, you’ll discover a treasure trove of hand-picked dice to make your tabletop adventures and dice collection legendary.

One of the guaranteed delights is 15 polyhedrons randomly selected from our latest offer and evergreens, a great start or improvement of any collection! Sitting next to them is this show’s star: The Christmas Dice Set! You will not find it anywhere else…

This year’s Christmas Dice Set is genuinely astonishing, featuring 8 polyhedrons adorned with charming holiday designs; the dice are bathed in a mesmerizing shade of blue, evoking the twinkle of a starry night sky. The silver accents add a touch of elegance. And yes, there are both traditional and Modern D4 there! It’s a set that captures the very essence of the holiday season.

And let’s remember the special Christmas Coin! This year, it features a heartwarming scene of ice skaters gliding across a frozen pond, a perfect reflection of the joyous moments we cherish during the holidays.

There’s no better way to expand your dice collection and infuse your tabletop games with holiday magic!

A new day, a new treat!

Jolly colors — This advent calendar has more RPG vibe than anything Christmas-styled… and more Christmas vibe than anything RPG-styled!

Hardcover — the dice inside are safe, patiently awaiting their turn to be discovered.

23 Q WORKSHOP dice — the slots are filled with our highest quality polyhedrons, selected from the current offer, this year’s premieres, and evergreens!

The Christmas Dice Set — a full 8-piece set (including both traditional and Modern D4) in a new color and reindeer on the dice faces!

A metal prize — we guarantee that there is also a special, metal, Christmas-themed coin waiting for you inside!


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